From time to time we are called on to help an individual simply achieve not only their business but their personal and lifestyle goals.

Using her expertise in branding, relationships, and positivity, Sarha can provide clients with important tools and techniques that can improve not only their personal and brand image, but increase their productivity, overall wellness and performance.


Let us take the stress out of your day to day life, streamline your goals and ambitions and help you to achieve them, one step at a time. Think of Sarha as a highly organised friend, your biggest advocate and someone who will be there to support you through not only the good times but also the testing ones.


We work with two counsellors who specialise in everything from depression and anxiety, to addiction and eating disorders. As part of your journey, you may choose to access these services. There can sometimes be a reluctance to seek out therapy, however we see no shame in utilising the services of a Personal Trainer at the gym, so why wouldn’t you access the same service but for your mental health and well-being?

We are here to help


Have you recently moved house or are planning to? Have recently separated from a partner, are starting again and simply don’t know where to start? Or are you looking for a complete image transformation? We’re here to hold your hand. Whether you are looking for the perfect new home, can’t face the daunting task of packing up and moving or want a completely new look for the ‘new you’- we can help.


Let us take the stress away and help you break down what may seem as the impossible, in to small, easy, doable steps.


Our services cover but are not restricted to the following:


  • Lifestyle Concierge
  • Project Management – home renovation
  • Relocating
  • Personal brand and image consultancy
  • Wardrobe clear out & organising
  • Mental wellbeing

Our counsellors

Glynis Iveson Life Coach & Psychotherapist


Confidence and wellbeing are a key component of a successful and happy life. It is so easy to get bogged down with what is termed the ‘Monkey Mind; – an endless turmoil in your head when trying to deal with your ‘perceived priorities’. Whether you are juggling parenting, moving house, managing elderly parents, struggling with relationships, having difficulties at work or seeking a new career, – the one thing we all tend to forget is self-care.


Self-care is SO important. We all tend to be ‘people pleasers’ and run around sorting out everyone else’s problems. What about YOURS?


If you need support with clarifying your thoughts and feelings, no matter how trivial you think your problems might be, have a chat with Glynis. A calm, empathic and friendly ‘listening ear’, Glynis Iveson is a qualified psychotherapist, with a wealth of experience in helping others to deal with the multiple and complex issues they face in their busy lives. She can help you to identify your own barriers to life and work, overcome your anxieties, better understand yourself, and take control of your life in a positive and assertive way.

Celia Harris (MBACP Dip) Addiction Specialist at The Priory


Celia is a qualified counsellor specialising in addiction who has a diploma in integrative counselling and an additional diploma in addiction. She is a certified member of the B.A.C.P and abides by its ethical framework. She has trained in different theories of counselling and adapts to each individual, believing that each person is totally unique and has the power for change; to become a better version of themselves.


Celia is a recovering addict in recovery herself. She has had many issues with substance misuse, alcohol, eating, binging, depression, relationship difficulties and has felt totally powerless in the past.


Today she is very different. Celia loves life and embraces every opportunity that arises and faces fear head on. She enjoys helping other people build esteem and self-confidence. Celia helps people who want to help themselves in all sorts of areas such as addiction, eating-disorders, depression, anxiety, self-harm, bereavement and loss, anger, work-related problems and in crisis, however her passion is addiction.


If you seek change and want someone to facilitate that, Celia is compassionate, empathic and real. Pain is inevitable but prolonged suffering is optional. So, if your addiction is costing you more than money please contact us today and we can help you begin your journey in getting the help that you need.



We provide a free initial no obligation 60-minute consultation to assess how best we can help you and from there it’s up to you.


Each case is assessed and priced individually dependent on your needs.